Rude situtation at work
December 8, 2007

So last night, I finally had my first real rude situation at work (Note: laughing at me doesn’t count :P). I’ve been delivering pizza since late September and I was beginning to wonder, why is practically everyone so nice here? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like dealing with rude people all the time, but hey, it’s bound to happen. So when it does, I wont be so “oh my gosh what was that!”

On one of my deliveries last night, I would say it was around ten pm. I made a delivery to a couple of kid a little younger than me. They were playing pool in their garage; As I went up to them, one of the kids asked me for the price and I began to stutter, as well do my head jerking. A couple of kids smiled and immediately turned around and began laughing. The kid who I was telling the price to kept saying the wrong price on purpose, with a smile on his face. “$7.86?” “$10.86?” The price was $17.86. He gave me the tip and I walked away with no sweat on my face, no redness, no queasy stomach. Just a smile.

Overall, the point is. If I would said something back, it would have been more awkward than it already was. For them of course. I was feeling fine the whole time and I am beginning to react less and less to how people react to my stuttering. It is a good feeling to have, but it has taken me over two years to come to this point. Dealing with rude people at work, reacting the wrong way, and dealing with life in general has provided me bits of pieces to further “bulletproof” myself against rude people, clueless people, etc. I have nothing against them as I did before.

Honestly, and you’ll think I am weird for this, but I enjoy dealing with situations like the one I just talked about. It widens my perspective and my understanding of all types of people.

Happy Holidays!