No More Speech [Class]
December 10, 2007

So today was my last day of speech class. I had a final and I got a pretty solid B for the semester. Overall, I am really happy with how this class turned out. You can see this post and this post for some of experiences in it. I gave a good number of presentations throughout the semester, and each presentation was better than the previous out. Heck, on my last one, I was even within my time limit 😛 The reason I enjoyed this class was because I made it a commitment to be just like everyone else. My stuttering was a factor, but not in the sense that it was holding me back. Like Nike says, “Just Do It”

So when you are in a new environment or situation, and afraid/shy to let out your stuttering, then “JUST DO IT!”  You never know how it can turn out compared to how you imagine it will turn out!

Anyone got similar stories to share?