November 25, 2007 - One Response

It is 2 am in the morning. raining outside. I’m tired from working for five hours in the cold weather. Yet, I feel I’m not the only one in this similar situation. Anyways, I finally got down and wrote a new post on what I have been up to lately. I titled this post nothing because…u-u-uuhh….well…I don’t know what to call it. It happens 😛


My last detailed post about what was going on in my life was on September 1s titled Awkwardness (Read it here!).Two months and twenty-four days later I feel as though I need to share what is going on with me, because its been too long! Anyways. Since September I have a job working for a pizza company delivering pizza. This type of job is great for stutterers! Every shift somehow desensitizes me one way or another. Ever since I went to the Successful Stuttering Management Program in 2005, I felt as if I was given a new shot at life where I didn’t have to worry about my stuttering anymore. Two years later, and I truly feel like I really do not worry about it anymore.

Example: During one of my pizza deliveries, I stuttered towards the customer while the customers young son looked at me curiously and smiling. After I walked away, I heard the son ask his dad, “Why was he talking like that?” You would think my face would turn red or I would feel embarrassment wishing I would fall of the face of the earth. My only reaction to that little boy was a smile and a thought “Damn it feels good to make people be curious about you.”

In my life now, I have become sort-of numb to people’s reactions toward my stuttering. In a good way of course. I don’t get shy or ashamed of myself when people laugh at my stuttering. Nor do I get angry at them. I am understanding more and more that people are simple people. Some don’t know how to react or some just think it is funny, and of course there are other reasons, but the point is…I have stopped being in a way, “politically correct” toward making sure people react the right way. Just for laughs, people ask me if I am cold or am I alright when I make my face jerks. I still feel good 🙂

Now another part in my ever-evolving journey, is about awareness. I am very much dedicated to spreading awareness towards stuttering (I wrote to Oprah and MTV last year trying to portray stuttering in a positive light, and will be getting in contact with a few show producers.) Now though, I feel as though, if people don’t know about stuttering or are not as interested, then let them find out on their own. I stopped trying to “force” it on to people. It is funny, because when I was so self-conscious about my stuttering, people would ask me questions about it and I would not dare to talk about it. Now it is the opposite way around. I love talking about stuttering, but I see people in school, work, wherever, are afraid to ask me about it. I have to break the ice. That’s the way it should be though. If I talk about it, it shows I am not afraid of this “beast.” I’m not hiding.

Anyhow, that is how I have been feeling for the last couple of months. Severe stuttering or not, my attitude toward it has been nothing but positive for the most part. I just stutter ;).

Thanks for reading this loooong post! I’ll try to make the shorter. Also, most importantly, remember, there is no right way of living life as a stutterer. Programs, devices, hiding it, embracing it, are all methods of living with stuttering. What works for me only work for me. Others will find their way of living with stuttering, good or bad!



Happy Turkey Day!

November 22, 2007 - Leave a Response

Happy Thanksgiving everyone out there! Hope everyones holiday went well and that everyone ate good food! New posts to come.


Gobble Gobble!

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Happy Thanksgiving here in America from The Stuttering Blog! Hope everyone has g-g-g-great day!


What have I been up to…

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Well, you probably noticed I haven’t been posting much on here. Stuttering, I mean, “life” has been keeping me busy. I’m in my first year of college and I’m liking it a lot! Having not go to school five days a week, or having short classes rocks ( and I know I know…”wait til’ graduate school :P”). Also, I deliver pizzas now for a certain pizza company. It is going great. I got some stuttering stories to share about that (coming soon!). Also, I just got back from Boston on Sunday night. I was there for the ASHA convention with my good friend Alex ( the new addition to this blog!). The convention rocked…as usual and I can’t wait for Chicago. Overall, my stuttering has been so-so, good days and bad days. That is….I mean in terms of how severe it is and whatnot. My attitude about it and towards it has been grrrrreat! No seriously! It is empowering to see people laughing at you and not breaking a sweat or wasting a nerve on it. More about it later though!

More goodies coming soon.


November 21, 2007 - Leave a Response

Hey guys, I just purchased the name so this website finally has it’s own domain name. So if you could, put in instead of from now on. Thanks!

I’ve got some things planned for this blog, and I apologize (once again!) for the lack of posts.


ASHA Convention Day #1.

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Hey everyone,

Dmitiry and I arrived earlier this morning in Boston. We took the train to and from our hotel to the convention center. It is cold and rainy here. We went to the convention today and talked with a lot of people. If any of you reading the blog are going to be around now in the exhbit hall feel free to come by the NSA booth and say hello. Dmitiry will be a Friends. Talk to you all soon.


ASHA Convention.

November 13, 2007 - Leave a Response

Hey everyone,

The American Speech-Language and Hearing Assoication convention begins later this week in Boston. Both Dmitiry and I will be attending. This will my my 2nd year. I will be working at the National Stuttering Assoication booth. If you will be there feel free to come by and say hello. Looking forward to Boston. I will post my thoughts on the convention when I return home.

Have a great weekend!


My thoughts on True Life: I Stutter.

November 5, 2007 - One Response

Hey everyone,

Yesterday I watched True Life with my 2 close friends and my Dad. Overall I am very pleased with the show. Like Dmitiry said it is great that they showed stuttering in a positive light. Showing how people have been able to accept their speech. I think Dmitiry basically summed it up well. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions about the show.


True Life: I Stutter – My Wrap Up

November 4, 2007 - 5 Responses

Wow. Just got home from work and I find the blog views are going vertical…guess people want to know more!

Almost one year ago just when I got back from an ASHA convention I was motivated to go write to MTV to pitch them an idea for their show True Life. Why not eh? That’s a great show to detail something like stuttering.

One year later. It’s been covered 🙂

I am happy to see that MTV chose to show stutterers accepting their stuttering and realizing…”ok I can live with it.” Other segments on stuttering have pretty much been covering the “miracle cures.” This is the first step toward getting stuttering awareness out there to the masses. People who have the problem and are willing to show it will only speed up the process!

At first when I heard that MTV decided to go ahead with this I was overjoyed! I called them up and sent e-mails and tried to see what I can do to get on it. I got pretty far in the process but we all know who ended up on the show lol. Then close to summer I began to think, “Ok, what if they try to show the struggle throughout the whole show and make people feel sorry for stutterers? ” Yikes! That was my concern all the way up til today. I like how it was done and is a good way to introduce stuttering to people who don’t know much about it.  I didn’t catch the last 14 minutes or so (I had to leave for work!), but I hear it ended well.

Overall, the seeds have been planted for getting awareness out there (and the positivity stuttering bring…believe me it can). Now someone else needs to cover it… I’m talking to you Oprha, Tyra, Ellen, etc! 😀


I know I know

November 4, 2007 - 6 Responses

The last post from me was September 9th and it’s already November and no new post! Yikes! My explanation:

-I got a new job delivering pizza and I’ve been working like crazy! 30 hours weeks on top of school! All worth it though

I’ve got some great stories and experiences to share with all of you and those will be coming soon. I guarantee you 🙂

Also, like Alex said, be sure to watch True Life: I Stutter at 2 PM TODAY. Check for your local times.