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Well, where do I begin? 1% of the U.S. Population stutters and It’s about time that 1% of those people got a blog about stuttering. Why not.Eh?. I made this blog for everything and anything that involves s-s-s-stuttering. I also made this for people who are not so comfortable with stuttering, either theirs or with someone who stutters. For being only 18, I have had a lot of experiences where I’ve seen my stuttering make people be rude and make people act like they are the nicest in the world. My stuttering has taught me alot abut myself and I am thankful for it in the long run. I want to spread the word about stuttering and that it is not so bad and break down the stereotypes. It is ok to stutter; there’s nothing wrong with it. I can’t do it alone, so go and spread the word about stuttering!

If you would like to reach me, there are several ways:

Email: StutterSFilms@gmail.com

AIM: dmitroids

Yahoo: pikadima7@yahoo.com

MSN: pikadima7@yahoo.com





So this is me. The guy who runs this blog. Been stutterin’ since 3 years old. Only Since 2005 have I been living a completely different life. A better life that I could’ve not imagined when I was younger.

(This is me in Cheney, WA at the Succesful Stuttering Management Program. I came back as a clinician in 07 and went as a stutterer in 05. This program completely changed my life in many ways.)


As of September-ish, my very good friend Alex is also writing posts on this blog. I felt that adding him on would bring more variety since no stutter(er) is/are alike!



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  1. Ashley your post got deleted (and everyone else’s on this page, sorry!) but I am glad I “wowed” you. You actually wowed me more by saying you will write a paper on this site. If you need more info let me know! I really appreciate it.

  2. Привет от Азиса. Можно ли предложить русскоговорящим мое устройство “Золотой голос”?

  3. azis…ti imeyish vidu kak advertisement. tell me more.

  4. Был я американском форуме заикающихся. Но там нет конструктивных писем от форумчан. Есть только спошные ссылки на порнографию в адресах пользователей форума. Такое ощющение что сайт делался специально для порнографистов.
    Я хотел бы ,чтобы информация об моем устройстве попала бы на НОРМАЛЬНЫЙ форум заикающихся . Что бы вызвать интерес к устройству . Поговорить о этой методике лечиния заикания. Лучше к русско-говорящим. А впрочем все равно.Английский моя дочь знает. Ей 18 -лет.

  5. ya izvinyayus yesli ya vso ni punyal. ti hochesh shto ya pagavaril pra aba zaikaniyam? Ya sudovolstviyem pogovorium abetam. ya maga stvoyey dochke parasgavarivaty pa angliski ina tebye moshet skazady?

  6. У тебя есть на компьютере программа SKYPE ? Можно говорить в реальном времени используя микрофон. Давай попробуем!

  7. Can anyone share with me where one can purchase pagoclone (in USA)?

  8. Layla, pagaclone info is here:

    It won’t be out til late 2009, probably. There’s more information on the web at:
    http://www.pagaclone.com/ (not really updated yet)

    I also anxiously awaiting the drug, but I realize it probably won’t be a cure-all.

  9. Azis – u menya shas skype nema…nu ya papitayus download it v budushim.

    Chris – I’ll also be waiting for something like that to come out, but I am not sure if there is a cure at all if we don’t really know yet what *officially* casues it.

  10. Здравствуй! Это Азис из России. У меня появился новый сайт на английском языке о моем устройстве “Stutterstop”. Сайт называется http://www.stutterstop.com
    Размести его, пожалуйста , в своем блоге. Если нетрудно.


  11. Здравствуй! Это Азис из России. У меня появился новый сайт на английском языке о моем устройстве “Stutterstop”. Сайт называется http://www.stutterstop.com
    Размести его, пожалуйста , в своем блоге. Если нетрудно.


  12. Hi Dmitriy,
    I just found out about your blog from the Stutter Talk site. Knowing how it feels to stutter on the first few days of college (waaaaay back in the 90s for me) I’d like to congratulate you on being totally optimistic and it seems, at ease with stuttering during your speech. Well done! It took me a lot of years to come to that level of comfort.

    I look forward to reading more of yor posts (and those from your friend, Alex).

    I also have a podcast and devoted a show to stuttering; http://www.danielerossi.ca/spudcast/2007/09/08/stuttering-spudcast-9

  13. Мой новый сайт! Есть ли у тебя друзья англоговорящие которые желают изучать русский язык? Моя дочь желает изучать английский используя web-камеру. То есть разговаривать в реальном времени.

  14. hey,

    i am currently in a graduate program pursuing a degree in speech language pathology and i am a student clincian in the fluency group this semester…

    anyway, i read your blog about the “true life: i stutter” and i really liked it! i wanted to let you know that if you are interested in getting other shows to feature stuttering, you are on the right track with Ellen. her mom is an SLP and she has done specials on other speech/language disorders in the past (i caught one on aphasia that was pretty interesting!) just a thought :O)

  15. Hi! My names Ali, and I am also a stutterer. I’m 18 and a senior in highschool. I was just wondering did any of you all attend the intensive at the American Institute for Stuttering?

  16. Hey Ali, thanks for visiting.
    I haven’t heard too much of AIS but I did go through an intensive program in 2005 and have been back ever since every summer for a refresher course. It was called the “Successful Stuttering Management Program”
    I went through it when I was 16 and it completely changed my life. If you want to know more, send me an email at dimka@inbox.com or here http://www.ssmpmanual.com/


  17. Erika – Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m glad you like this blog. I am most certainly interested in getting stuttering more exposure in a positive.
    Wait, Ellen’s mom is an SLP? wow I did not know that!

  18. izvenite no nam nado sdelat test
    vi ved ne bydete protiv admini

  19. does anyone knows if there is any other information about this subject in other languages?

  20. Dil,

    What specific language are you looking for?

  21. Nice Blog. I have also stuttered since i was very young and have written a blog about this. I have focused more on the potential cures for them and any treatments and am hoping that people may be able to share what they have found helpful or not so helpful and we can all work together. Take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks


  22. Hi , my name is renad , i’m 17 .. and i Stutter !
    first of all , i’d like to say how glad i am to find a blog that cares about something alot of people never paid the slightest attention to .. not till latley !
    and the reason i’m so glad is that i can Finally know that i’m not the only one who goes thorugh this , i can finally share my feelings and experience with people whom i know if wouldn’t tottaly understand , at least they will relate to me some how . i can almost remember when i started stuttering .. it was between the age of 10 and 11 .. and still i stuuter .. it goes on and off . but overall it feels really bad .. i had so many laughs at school when i was younger .. i got to the point where i can’t spill out my name anymore ..and every time i see poeple talking out loud in the public i always look at them wondering :- (( god , they make it look so easy to talk .. why itsn’t as easy for me ?? ))
    any way i went to several speech therapist , got a little better at one time .. but just after about 2 months .. my stuttering got back like it never went away !
    i’m still going to a speech therapist now .. and i’m still trying my best .. yeah , I stutter less now than like 3 or 4 months ago .. but it’s not tottaly gone !
    finally , i’d really love to thank you all for making this beautiful blog .. and for sharing the world you”re stuttering .. but esp dmitiry even though i don’t know you personally but i feel like i can’t relate to many things you say .. (( NOTE :- Excuse my poor english .. And my spilling my mother language isn’t English )) .
    Thanx Again !!

  23. Why is stuttering incurable?
    Its not that people stutter always. Its a form of multiple personality disorder (mpd). I can prove it you. I have a close friend who stutters seldomly. He is good looking, fair and handsome. When you look at him you can’t make out that he is a stutterer. He can speak completely normally when speaking alone and would find hard to speak at cafeteria counter. What does it that make him to stutter only at specific situations. This is beacuse stuttering is a form of MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER. Any mpd is hard to cure completely. So is stuttering. Stuttering gets completely cured when the person totally believes that the whole world considers him to be a normal person who never stuttered in his life. When he gets this feeling his stuttering is completely cured. But this feeling is impossible to get because his dreams in the night will affect him subconciously and get his stuttering back. The solution is working towards your goal(be it how so ever bigger) and not caring about stuttering as an impediment to this goal. And doing everything that is possible to acheive this goal. Once you acheive your goals, you get the confidence that you can achieve things in life and this will make stuttering subconciously disappear. Believe me this worked for my friend. He is working for a firm that pays him one million dollar per annum. No body in his firm ever knew he stuttered. Because as he kept achieving his goals, his stuttering subconciously disappeared. JUST SET A GOAL AND WORK HARD TOWARDS IT. Achieving just one goal does not make stuttering disappear. Try achieving ten to fifteen hard-to-attain-goals over a span of a few months. Don’t get pessimistic by reading other blogs and articles and come to a conclusion that my article is dubious. JUST DO WHAT I SAID AND YOU WILL SEE THE DIFFERENCE YOURSELF.

  24. Dimitri…..your secondaries are really bad…have you tried working on those?

  25. Hi,

    I am prem kumar from India, a PWS. It was nice to meet you all. I like the people who understood me and my stuttering.


  26. Thanks!,

  27. Hey Dima,
    It makes me happy that you have such a positive outlook on stuttering; I agree with a lot of what you say!
    I’m 19 and I’ve been stuttering since I was about 3, too, so it’s been a constant shaping force in my life. And like you, I know it’s made me stronger.
    Plus, you’re Russian too! I never thought to look up stuttering-related stuff in Russian… so thanks for the links. 🙂

  28. Dima,

    If you’re interested here’s my testimony, which contains some techniques that worked or me.


  29. im so glad that their are people out their like me who stutter, i just turned 16 and i stutter realy bad. i have herd storys how people out grew their stutter at ages 12 and 13 and i always thought i was that one kid who would have it forever. i the of this product that helps 90% of your stuttering but did not for me because for me instead of going like m-m-my its just the m….my anyways its called SPEACH EASY. its like your reading with another person, your stutter actualy goes away. i hope this product helps someone out their.

  30. My boyfriend has a pretty bad stutter and I want to help him. He is 23, and it still makes him really uncomfortable and self conscious. He doesn’t really go out or interact with people because people judge him and become impatient when he can’t say what he wants to say. How did you all get to the point where you feel like it has helped you and made you stronger? And how can I help him to reach that point? I don’t think there is anything that can make it go away, but how can I make him more comfortable with it?!

  31. Hey I just wanted to say that I read your blog for an assignment that we have to do in my college class. I am a communication disorders and sciences major at the University of Oregon and want to become a speech teacher one day at the elementary level. As I was growing up I had a stuttering problem and was also afraid of what people thought about me. As of today I don’t have a stutter problem, but sometimes I do stutter or stumble over my words when speaking in front of people. Thank you for sharing your ideas and your view on stuttering.

  32. Thanks for the great blog!! It’s great to see people sharing their experiences regarding stuttering. I made a promise a long time ago to share my knowledge about overcoming stuttering. So this is me realising that promise: ‘Stop Stuttering’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVlz6eqLkjA

  33. I came across this documentary entitled “Stop My Stutter with Gareth Gates” and found it to be very inspiring. Gareth won runner up in a British music television competition show called “Pop Idol” and he himself is a stutterer. here’s the link – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvs6gcSlMMc&feature=relmfu

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  36. Thanks for the great blog!! It’s great to see people sharing their experiences regarding stuttering.

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