More situations at work.

Dmitriy here!

I got back to my part-time job at the end of March. To refresh a little bit, I deliver pizza and I had been taking a hiatus because I had heel surgery in mid-January, and I was taking time off to kind of gather my current status after my mom passed away. Since I have been back I have been working a lot again. My car smells like pizza again and I am back driving on poorly maintained roads. Whoopeee! It is a good job though, especially for my speech. If only I had a camera crew to follow me around and show how much I stutter haha. On occasion I do slip in some management techniques into my conversations with customers. A lot of the time, my secondaries just come out in a flash. You know what though? It feels great! Not only am I showing people that I do not care about my stuttering (in a good way I mean, not a careless way), but I am also making them wonder about it. For people to understand what stutterers go through, they (people) have to being wondering about.

Now, yes I do have people who smirk, laugh, be rude, feel awkward, and etc around me when I stutter but that rarely happens and when it does, I react non-emotionally. Personally, it is surreal that I have conditioned myself to react like that because when I was younger I was always very sensitive to peoples reactions about my stuttering. I even had situations where I had to call up customers. Honestly, that is kind of scary at times because you are calling a stranger who might think you are faking, prank calling, etc. But then I think to myself “oh well.” Whatever happens, happens :). Surprisingly all the calls I have mad at work, I have only been hung up once and that was on the first try.

So if you are at work and have nervous speech situation, just go for it. I don’t know who says this quote, but if you want something you never had, you must do something you never have. If you want people to understand, you have to reach out first and show them you are ok about your stuttering!

I am off to work now, so talk ya’ll later! If anybody has any speaking situations at work that they had gone through, please share them 🙂



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