What have I been up to…

Well, you probably noticed I haven’t been posting much on here. Stuttering, I mean, “life” has been keeping me busy. I’m in my first year of college and I’m liking it a lot! Having not go to school five days a week, or having short classes rocks ( and I know I know…”wait til’ graduate school :P”). Also, I deliver pizzas now for a certain pizza company. It is going great. I got some stuttering stories to share about that (coming soon!). Also, I just got back from Boston on Sunday night. I was there for the ASHA convention with my good friend Alex ( the new addition to this blog!). The convention rocked…as usual and I can’t wait for Chicago. Overall, my stuttering has been so-so, good days and bad days. That is….I mean in terms of how severe it is and whatnot. My attitude about it and towards it has been grrrrreat! No seriously! It is empowering to see people laughing at you and not breaking a sweat or wasting a nerve on it. More about it later though!

More goodies coming soon.



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