My thoughts on True Life: I Stutter.

Hey everyone,

Yesterday I watched True Life with my 2 close friends and my Dad. Overall I am very pleased with the show. Like Dmitiry said it is great that they showed stuttering in a positive light. Showing how people have been able to accept their speech. I think Dmitiry basically summed it up well. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions about the show.



One Response

  1. Hi .. i did watch the show 2 .. and yeah i think it’s great people finally starting to look at this issue seriously .. not in a funny way .

    i think the one i most related to is the girl who kept her stuttering hidden for so long .. cause i think my stuttering is as hard as her .. i mean not too hard and still i hide it from people .. sometimes i do want to come out about my stuttering , but it’s 2 hard .. and i keep tryin’ .

    Thanx 4 the posting !

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