Support Groups.

Hey everyone,

So this will offically be my first post! This past Wednesday I went to a local chapter National Stuttering Assoication support group meeting. I have been going reguarly for a little more than a year and I must say they are great! They usually happen once a month and on average we get a turnout of 5-8 people. We speak about many issues concerning stuttering, research, therapy, devices and, many more topics. If you havent already been to one in your area I strongly recommend them. They are a great way to meet others in your area that stutter and a great way to speak about your feelings or anything that is on your mind.

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  1. Hey guys,
    Just wanted to let you guys know that stuttering brings me down and that it depresses me. I have been stuttering for 10 years and since I was 20. The thing is that I stutter more in spanish than in English and that unfortunately I live in Peru now. Anywho, the more one gets closer the more they know I stuter (or that I am weird cuz I replace words sometimes with no sense ones or just stay quiet) the more I feel bad. I will follow your thoughts – that is if you ever post again :)…… At least you guys know now from me that I stutter cuz i dont say it .

  2. Carlos, I’m glad you found this blog! I definitely understand where you are coming from. Stuttering isn’t really accepted in a lot of countries. I’m from the Ukraine and I speak Russian (I stutter more in Russian!), and I’ve had a lot of rude people laugh at my stuttering back when I lived there. Replacing words or “substituting” is common within stutterers because it can seem as an escape from hiding your stuttering. The more you do it though, the harder it is to stop and it becomes almost natural to us. Also, letting people know you stutter isn’t such a bad thing and the more you do it then the easier it becomes. Do it at first though, is the challenge! Feel free to send me email, my email is

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