Stutter Talk

Recently, I was approached by Peter from about being on of his podcasts that him and his two other friend, Eric and Greg do every week. First of all, I gladly accepted, because I think podcasting about stuttering is an awesome idea. Stuttering after all is a speech disorder just talking about it in a blog, but then having a show about it, now that just makes it even better.

So yesterday I did the show with them for about 15 minutes, mostly talking about college and you guys can check it out HERE. You guys can see how my stuttering is finally! and I got to say, it’s not light lol. I also noticed that I used some fillers and was rushing a little bit. This is a perfect example of how stutterers can have habits that they don’t even know about. I thought I had the fillers down pretty good, but I’ll be more aware of when I’m about to use them.




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