Today’s Speech

So today was my second day of college ( I got classes MWF! lucky!) and in my Public Speaking class we had to give a little 1 minute speech about ourselves. I really wasn’t nervous because our class had to give an impromptu speech on the first day, and I made it very clear that I stuttered. One guy even said I had guts :D. So today’s speech, I started off pretty good, halfway in so far so good, but THEN I hit a roadblock on the word and…it’s those darn vowels. Of course I didn’t panic or anything, I tried to get out of it by doing a pullout, but I did a cancellation instead (which is where you go through the word, stuttering, and the stop and repeat it using your techniques, only ONCE!). Plenty more of speech to come! I’ll be updating you guys on them.

P.S. I still need to speak up more in my other classes, since this is college, not many people are going to act like this is high school, so hey what to fear!eh? Ironically though, public speaking is my favorite class so far! The teacher and the people in it are really cool.


2 Responses

  1. favorite class, strange 🙂 but yea after using some techniques I really dont find such situations difficult

  2. Yo Dimitri,
    I heard you the other day in stuttertalk and I think you were courage and who cares what people think. I respect that cuz in my case I still have problems stuttering in front of people. PEACE MAN

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