Well, yesterday was my first day ever of college…officially! It still seems somewhat surreal to me, considering that summer came and went all too fast. I got to admit though, I think college will be an interesting experience for me. I really got to put myself out there now, because people more acceptant(?) and no more drama like high school (I hope so!).

I am taking for classes, one of the being Public Speaking and I think this class will be one of my favorites, because it was one of the few interactive classes yesterday. We had to give little intros about ourselves about 30 sec. to 1 minute long, and you know me, mine went over two minutes. Can you guess why??? haha. Seriously though, I’m excited and nervous at the same time. Partly because of my stuttering, even though I accept it and all, you know, you still get those feelings. I just have to go with it. I’ve let 3 out of 4 teachers know that I stutter like “just to let you know I stutter, but it doesn’t mean I’m shy, so please feel free to call on me anytime.” Their reactions were well!

Got an official speech tomorrow in Speech on myself, so I’ll let you guys now how that goes! Even though it’s going to be under a minute…pffttt….yeah right :P!


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  1. […] solid B for the semester.¬†Overall, I am really happy with how this class turned out. You can see this post and this post for some of experiences in it. I gave a good number of presentations throughout the […]

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