One more week!

Well, next week I will be starting college! Something that used to seem so far away is almost here! I guess as you get older, it’s really true that time flies by! This summer has been a great one, not like last summer, but this summer has it’s own benefits. My first full summer living in Texas! My graphics business and music business (which I will explain later) is really taking off. I’ve been looking for a part-time job for a couple of weeks, like going to places and asking for applications, and I’ve turned in about 6 so far, which isn’t much so of course the success rate isn’t going to be high with that much but I’m going to keep trying. I think I’m going to take up a job at my community college, because that won’t require much gas! haha. Anyways, my stuttering has been moderate, some face-jerks, I’m still prone to time-pressure and I know I need to do some phone calls to some stores to practice advertising and my techniques. Other than that, I’m ready for college! I prepare on letting now my teachers I stutter but comfortable speaking and hopefully speak up within the first week to advertise to the whole class. We’ll see how it goes. Now I am nervous, but like any other teenager :p about life and the future and all. yikes!


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