True Life: I Stutter (Part 2)

If you haven’t read the first part, you can do so by clicking here.

So earlier this year I found out that MTV was casting for one of their True Life episodes about people who stutter. I immediately inquired about it and got in touch with some MTV people and then quickly fell out-of touch with them because they never got back to me even though they said they would. Then, about a couple weeks before school got out in May, one of the speech-pathologists that I know well, got me back in contact with one of the MTV people, and it was back to being interviewed, this time on the phone thankfully, so I could show them who I was and how bad I wanted to get on the show. My intentions were not 15 minutes of fame, but more of the “spreading awareness” part. Well, a couple of phone calls later with MTV, I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to be chose and I wasn’t. Now this didn’t discourage me or anything but I just hoped that they would choose at least someone who stutters and actually embraces their stuttering and thinks positive.

I know that they have chosen a young girl from the NY area, who is involved with beauty pageants. She was filmed at the NSA Convention this summer in Atlanta, it was her first time. Now I wasn’t there (I was going through another stuttering adventure of my own), but I did hear a few things about her and how it went. I also heard chose a second person, another first-time to the NSA Convention this summer.

I guess when it comes down, this segment will either help awareness or set us back a couple of years. We will just have to see.

Any thoughts?


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