Who I Am

Who I am can be tagged in many ways. I am a teenager, an optimist, a Ukrainian, passionate, stutterer, outgoing, charismatic, and the list goes on. Each of us can say at least 100 different things about us! BUT why did I tag myself as a stutterer? Isn’t that a tag looked down on? What am I thinking!

What I’m thinking is that maybe it’s just a tag, and it really isn’t all that bad. Yes, my stuttering, not all that. Don’t get it confused though. I would classify myself as a sever stutterer, but I don’t mean it in that way. I mean it isn’t bad to have. If you don’t have it then GREAT! If you do have it…so what? Often, stutterers make up the excuse that “I can’t do this because of stuttering, or I can’t do that.” Giving excuses wwwwas something I loved to do.

Now though, I can’t blame my stuttering on things. I have moved on and accepted it for what it is, no matter how bad, and show people, “Look I stutter, but am I letting it hold me back?”  That’s why I can tell people I stutter without a problem. I don’t get the fear or shame or embarrassment anymore. Not for the last TWO years. It’s something that I’ve grown to value. How many people who don’t stutterers get to encounter stutterers? It’s a rarity, but I don’t think it should be, because there’s tons of stutterers in hiding all over the world. Some are beginning to come out, and some will have their time later on, because it’s hard to do when you look down on it, or fear what people will say. As a society, we are pretty blind to stuttering and un-aware, and I think everyone forgets that we are not the only ones who have “something wrong with us.”

So next time you are in a new situation, show the person you are talking to that you’re not a fluent person and you’re not trying to be. They’ll get it and won’t expect you to talk fluent. The environment will be established. Let me know if you do ttttthat!


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