Stuttering Inc.

No I don’t mean that there is a company called stuttering inc., but what I mean by that is incorporating stuttering, in your life. I’ve done that and I am only 18 years old. When I say incorporate stuttering into your life, I mean be truly ok with who you are. Let it come out once in a while, in it’s natural form. Show people that yes yo do stutter but your stuttering isn’t controlling you. Often I see stutterers complain of thing’s like making phone calls, doing errands which involve talking, ect. You get the point I hope. If I need to go ask something, I do, and believe me when I say this…my stuttering can be very hard at times. I stutter hard a lot of times (especially for the last couple of months); I came back from a program fluent and very accepting of myself and I know my old stuttering would come back. When it began coming back, I struggled to do the social things, but I pushed myself into doing them no matter how I talked, and it paid off. Really, if you have to go call customer service instead of online chatting with it.  If you have people laughing at you, especially little kids.ignore it. Don’t let them affect you. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I am a person who accepts his stuttering and if used properly, it can be a positive thing in your life. It is in mines. Peace out. Everybody have a great week


2 Responses

  1. I have had my experiences with stuttering. Being Asian doesn’t help much, as the accent mixes badly with stuttering. But I just told myself that everything will be ok, and over time, the issue subsided. I think stuttering has really changed my life. It gave me a perspective on how others with their own struggles feel. It made me appreciate life more, and become somewhat a better person.

    There are times that are hard for a person that stutters, but none is worse than letting the stutter take over.

  2. I completely agree with you. It is a lot harder hiding it than just letting it out. People aren’t as mean as people think when it comes to stuttering, sure there are some impatient people and those who don’t understand, but its a minority compared to the people whoa re really understanding.

    For me also, stuttering has made a better person and I am thankful to have it (gasp!) and I don’t mind having it. Once you’re open with it, it really isn’t an issue that much anymore

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