Getting A Job

So today I went into Barnes & Nobles to turn in my job application. I went up to the customer service, started stuttering, and asked if I could speak with the person in charge of hiring. The lady was very nice and when the other guy came I advertised and said I wanted to work here and I had an application filled out. He looked at it and seemed pleased…I hope. He said though they will be hiring next month and bring me to an interview next month! I am really excited because the last time I had a job was when I lived in San Diego. I worked as a courtesy clerk for 1 year at a grocery store. Let me tell you…if you’re a teen, and you stutter, a courtesy clerk is a good starting job because you get to practice your speech, meet a lot of nice people, and of course not so nice people, but that will give you exposure more to the real world. Now I want something more…like Barnes & Nobles. The people who work there are patient with me and the costumers are nice…I assume. Also, I really need a job so I can save up for all my summer trips this year and community college. Another big reason is I want to get back into practicing my speech and talking with strangers. That’s one of the best opportunities for practice is talking with complete strangers.

Any suggestion of what other jobs are good for an 18 year old?

Thanks for reading 🙂


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  1. I loved my first job as a waitress. I love people and love to help people, so being a waitress and getting to meet different people every day was fun as well as challenging. Another fun part of the job was going home with the tips and finding that I had made more money per hour in tips than some of the other kids who were working as cashiers and bagboys at a grocery store.

    The Stuttering Foundation’s book “Self Therapy for the Stutterer” helped me keep in practice.

  2. Hey! i am an 18 year old who stutters too and i work at Applebees and that has hellped me out alot with speech because i feel more and more comfortable around random people and when i start to stutter i just take a breath and try to keep going! i have worked with people in all of my jobs, which i am a freak when it comes to tellin stories and talking to people. But honestly..any job will work for a person who stutters because either way you will have to talk to new people…i dont know if this helped but thats my experience! have a good day!

  3. Pat and Mackenzee, thank you for both of your suggestions. I am actually now thinking about working at a restaurant. I guess if I really think about it, I have nothing to lose from working as a waiter. Even though I might hesitate it’ll probably be very good for me. I will be looking at restaurants now since there are so many were I live! Thanks

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