When you fall to the bottom. The only way is to go back up.

I always think that whenever I fall to the bottom and manage to get back up, I won’t be back at the bottom again. But, since none of us are perfect, there will be good times and bad times. I guess I’ve been in the bottom for… I don’t know how long. The reason I say this is because I seem to not be working on myself as much as did in the past. Now I know life gets the way, but one of my priorities should always be working on improving myself and family and friends. I seem to be a little bit impatient with my stuttering and with people who aren’t patient. Also I have become little shy in certain situations which I know I shouldn’t be. I can’t wait for people to understand and then be comfortable around then. I have to act first and show them that I am perfectly ok with who I am. The reason I am writing this is so I can always look back and see how I’ve felt…but it kind of feels like I am talking to myself 🙂

I’ve been at the bottom many times in the past two years, but I know I can get back on top and I will! I should always remember just because I stutter doesn’t mean I am sort of sub-human person who’s different than everybody else. Instead I should be proud because this “gift” has given me sooooo much. Friends. Confidence. Unique Experiences. Just a life which is different than others that I am very thankful for it.

I appreciate anyone who’s stops by this blog because it took a lot of energy and time for me to become who I am today. I am a confident person who accepts his stuttering. I know there are a lot of stutterers who don’t accept it and let it control their lives. Life is too short for that but I can understand that we are all at different levels of how comfortable we feel. I appreciate anyone who choose to be different than everybody else. It is what makes us and the rest of the world so unique.


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