You are going to take a while aren’t you?

Man I LOVE that sentence. Not when I say it though. I just like that when people tell me to hurry up and spit out what I am trying to say. Not only do I ignore that, but i keep going at my own pace. So today I had a very interesting day at school.

My last period class, Tech. Theater is one of my favorite classes because it is the class where I am really comfortable and a bunch of my good friends are in it. Today, we had a substitute teacher. He looked like he was in his early 20’s and honestly…he looked pretty stoned. He talked like it that’s for sure!  He told us that we were going to read the play ” The Westside Story.” Ye, you know…that one. He said everybody was going to have to read a couple characters because this play had more people than our class. Alright, no problem. I went up to him before we began reading and told him I stutter and I might take a while. He looked at me and said “Alright, I got you,” a couple of times. So I thought. Man I can tell this is going to get interesting. So i got picked to play the parts of Bernardo, Chino, and Luis. Alright, this is going to be alright.

So we begin reading and my first line comes in the beginning of the play. I began reading and i get stuck on “And.” You know those vowels. So when I begin stuttering and I hear a couple of the new kids to the class start chuckling. Whatever. Now what shocked me the most and made me really mad was the sub was laughing silently too and he had to step outside to “catch some air.” I noticed that and I was just speechless. I shut up til’ it was my turn to read again in a couple minutes. This time, I again began reading and stuttering. I try to go through the blocks. I don’t really do any repetitions. The new kids aren’t laughing this time but the sub…ye he is.

He says “Ok, you are going to take a while aren’t you?”

This is when I had enough  and I say – “Ye so what if i do? You can be patient about it at least!”

Now I didn’t say it in a very nice tone, but as someone who is ready to yell and fight. I said it in a not so nice way only because I wasn’t going to be disrespected like this even by a teacher. Teachers should set an example for the students. Immediately after I said that, he shut up. He didn’t talk much for the rest of the class and I went on reading many of my lines til’ class ended. My friends were pretty impressed and said they had never seen me that mad or my face that red. I am a nice guy. I don’t snap or be mean at people, but I’ll give you the same respect you give me. Fair Enough. It felt pretty good to be able to say that and stick up for myself. You should never let people push you around.


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