What’s Stopping You?

You know, I like to make friends all the time and I am a really outgoing person but sometimes I get down on myself for stuttering too bad or just jerking my head a lot. I don’t do feel like that often as I used to in the past, rarely now but I still do it. I’m not perfect. So when I don’t make friends or be outgoing and optimistic because I am down on myself all because of my stuttering. What stopping me? My Stuttering? Seems the best candidate, but that would be too easy. The realy culprit here is…me. Yes, me. Sometimes I forgot that I am like everyone else. If I want to go make a phone call or go meet new people, I should go do it. My speech fluency or disfluency should not even matter. I won’t know til’ I try it!

So for those of you who wish you could do certain things, but cannot do them, what’s stopping you?

Happy Holidays


3 Responses

  1. You are very correct. Your stuttering should not matter. I’ve stuttered my whole life. Almost 50 years now. I found your blog and want you to know that it’s okay if you stutter. Stuttering is a part of you. There’s many great articles about stuttering and resources. Have you read materials from the National Stuttering Association or Stuttering foundation of America? Writer Rob Bloom wrote humor articles about his own stuttering experiences. Just remember that you are not alone!

    Happy holidays.

  2. In elementary school my friend and I were dragged out of class a few times a week for speech therapy. I was told I had a lisp and that my friend, Eli stuttered. These were things neither of us noticed until they “taught” us the right way to speak.

    I’m 21 now and although the lisp isn’t as noticeable(unless you make me pronounce words with lots of s’s or z’s), I do stutter!

    My stuttering doesn’t interfere with everyday life, but it is very annoying. I’ll be talking just fine and then suddenly the words don’t come out right. This had been going on for years, but I never thought anything of it. I think it comes out more if I’m stressed out, nervous or if my brain is in a rush. (I think I stutter while typing, too. If that’s possible!)

    I have my ups and downs, sometimes I feel totally out of place and don’t want to talk to anyone. While other days I don’t care what people think and am very out going.

    When I get in those moods, I’m the one that keeps me from enjoying myself. Such a bad habit!

    You are you and that’s all that matters, don’t let yourself be bothered by silly things.

    Guys with a stutter can actually be very cute. =]

    Happy New Year!

    aim sn: bizkitjha

  3. Maggie – Thank you for reading my blog and I appreciate your comment. I try to be very involved with the NSA do what I can. Stuttering Foundation of America was the first organization I found out about but never paid attention to because I wasn’t ok with my stuttering. I’ve been ok with it for a year and a half and life has been hard, but amazing. Thank you for reassuring me that it is okay that i stutter. It took me a long time to figure that out 🙂

    Jaelle – Very true, we all have ups and downs, its part of life I guess. Also, we are the ones that keep ourselves from enjoying or doing what we want. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be chatting with you on AIM!

    Happy New Year!

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