Ready for ASHA

The ASHA convention will be starting tomorrow in Miami, Florida and I will be eaving to Miami after school tomorrow (yes I am in high school still 🙂 . I am thankful that I am going because my job is to tell people about the Friend’s Organization and what it does for teens who stutter! My stuttering right now is not so great but I will utilize my time at ASHA and Miami to focus on talking with many people and stuttering away…oh and of course use techniques 🙂


6 Responses

  1. Hi Dimka,
    do you speak Russian?

  2. Da, ya rasgavarivayu pa rooskiy 🙂

  3. это хорошо 🙂
    какой у тебя icq или mail ?

  4. u menya icq nyema, nu moy e-mail is

  5. проверяй почту)

  6. Привет! Маями во Флориде из России из Москвы! Азис.

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