Again I am lazy with making daily posts hehe. I will continue to try to provide daily, maybe every other day posts!. Anyways, I recently realized that I have begun to hide my stuttering again. This has increased my stuttering and it is severe right now. Still, I continue to involve myself in daily situations like talking to my friends, participating in class, ect. I have begun doing meditation to focus my mind on one thing. My problem is when I talk, I am not concentrated on my speech but a bunch of other things. So hopefully meditating will help a little bit. Anyone have any tips on how to concentrate on only one thing? Please share. Thanks. Have a great weekend everybody.


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  1. Knowing someone that stutters, how can I make it easier for them? Is it right to try and help by finishing their words?

  2. Hi Wendy, Thanks for stopping by. It depends on how old the person you know that stutters. You should always let the stutterer finish their own words, no matter how long it takes. The reason behind that is stutterers tend to feel the time pressure and they try to rush along. Not finishing their words will make the stutterer feel a little bit more confident. Well, in my case it made me feel more confident when people didn’t finish my words. Though, when I was younger I depended on people to finish my words because it was easier. It might be easier but it can develop into a bad habit.

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