The Benefit of Stuttering

You know, if someone asked me “what the benefits of stuttering were” back when I was younger,I would reply “Ummm….no talking in class?” Well, for me not talking in class would be just foolish now. What I think is the benefit of stuttering is that you share this with other many people, even if you don’t think so. Over the past two years, I have made many friends because they are somehow related to stuttering. Many of them live around America, so when Igo somewhere, I can meet-up with a friend who stutters. I think that is what helped me the most in accepting my stuttering, is realizing that there are others like me. I am not alone. Still, there are many people who feel that they are alone, and I was in those shoes and rarely do I feel sometimes that no one can understand how I feel. During those moments, I get on the phone and call one of my fellow stutterer’s and realising we are in the same boat.

Of course, if you have cancer then there are millions like you, or if you have some other “gift,” then certainly there are people that share something that you have. For stutterer’s though, we can feel very lonely and isolated from everyone else at times. Finding people who stutter like me made a big difference in my life. Thanks for reading 🙂


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