New week!

Well, I didn’t have school today, for the second week in a row. I like it, but the next time I won’t have school is til’ I go to Miami for the annual ASHA convention! One of my old habits that I used to have before was I would talk fast, even when I was fluent. It wasn’t good for me because my chest hurt. Now it is coming back and I’ve been doing it more and more because I am starting to feel more time pressure (even though it’s in my head). So this is one goal that I will be trying to work on this week. Not talk slow or fast, but at a good rate where I am not rushing. Anybody else working on some goals?


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  1. Hey,
    It is good that you are applying several approaches to your stuttering and experinmenting your way through. As for me, my goal is to speak as slowly as i can. And I would ask you to do the same, as speech that is fast is very hard to slow down, but speech which is slow can pick up pace with time. You should try and speak as slowly as possible with your family and friends (who are aware of your stuttering) and at a relatively fast pace if not the same to others. This will help you regain your fluency and also help you speak without any glitches. You might want to practice elongation of vowels when you have free time, you can always sit infront of the mirror and do your therapy. After all we are all therapists for ourselves. Do visit my blog as i will be posting many excersices from my speech therapy programme and i hope this helps you out. Remember to speak slow.

  2. I talk fast too! And it hurts because I always run out of breath… Talking slowly is really helpful, but I find it hard to do so. I’m too used to my pace :/ And also I feel like I’m wasting time or something. My therapist told me that it’s just in my head, that I don’t sound retarted while speaking in a slower way, but it’s hard to convince me…
    Anyway, lately I’ve done some improvements. I don’t know if it’s only a lucky period, but I’m talking slightly better 🙂
    Take care~

  3. well even i talk fast, but try to slow down rei, i mean it is very hard to slow down, and we sound spastic when we hear ourselves, but in actual we don’t, i mean so many great speakers they all speak slowly, so make an effort and talk slowly, slow down your life. Well keep up the good work :D!! touch wood, heres something that might help you, try recording yourself, and then hearing it out. You will surely notice its not that bad to speak slowly, I mean small sacrifice for such a big gain?
    take care,

  4. I agree about how we tend to think we are talking weird when we slow down. So far, I’ve noticed I’m a bit more concentrater on my rate of speech this week. Everyone’s stuttering is different and with me, I’ve noticed slowing down helps but slowing down too much to the point where you are talking way slower is not helpful to me, because I apply it to the real world where I want to talk at good rate. I also agree with how great speakers talk slow and many people don’t even realize that! Sometimes I forget that too. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. wow that was inspiring:) lol..
    yeah…speaking fast is also one of my really big weaknesses and has always been…n i know it too..! but its very hard to work on it just cause speaking slowely is just “not me” and yes it feels very weird…but after reading this post, i guess i m a bit more motivated to maybe give it a go and try incorporating sloweness and clarity into my speech….!! i thnk the other major problem with me is that i speak at a very low volume…and increasing the volume hrts my throat…there have been times where raising my volume has led me to loose my voice for a day or two..but hey i guess now that vindicate is posting i can always read up from his blog and practcie those strategies:)
    anyways hey, great post dimka!! good work…and good luck with your speech stuff
    take care:)

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