Advertising is one of the most important techniques that has helped me overcome my fear of telling people that I stutter. Without this technique, I wouldn’t be able to be where I am today. Simply put, advertising is telling people your name and that you stutter, and it’s a very easy technique that can have a big effect. For Example:

Hi, my name is Dmitriy and I stutter.

Many stutterers feel awkward and uncomfortable letting people somehow know that they stutter, and this is where advertising comes in. By letting your listener know right away that you stutter, not only does the listener now expects you to stutter, both of you will feel better, because you won’t be afraid to hide your stuttering because why should you if the listener knows already that you stutter?

Other ways of advertising is deliberately voluntarily stuttering on the first one or two words. Another way is to make a joke about stuttering. That shows you are comfortable with it and it doesn’t affect you. Advertising might feel strange at times but if you can get past that in the beginning, then you will be able to talk more freely and without feeling self-conscious about yourself.


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  1. Sometimes it’s hard… People just look at you funnily, and either smirk or turn their faces away… And you stay there with your mouth open, struggling to say a simple word like, for example, your name.
    I’m still not able to accept my disorder. I would really be glad if I could do so, but for the moment the wound is still open and bleeding. I have no friends, my social life is fucked up, nobody is willing to hire me to do any job, and the list goes on. But I don’t want to sound pitiful, so yeah. I know I have a long way to go.

    I’m glad I found your blog anyway! Keep writing.

  2. Hey Rei,

    I appreciate you taking the time to check out my blog and leave a comment. It means a lot to me that people are finding this blog. Believe me I know what it’s like to just try to talk to people with my mouth open and they just ignore me and walk away. My stuttering is very severe at the moment, and I truly do understand what you are going through. I can’t tell you to do this or that but the only thing I can say is hang in there. You probably know this, but everyon experiences low points in their lives. One of my lowest points happened for the last two months. If you want to talk about anything, I’m always here. My email is

    We all have long ways to go before we can be comfortable with ourselves, and the first step is realizing that, and I see you have done that.

  3. Thanks a lot for your nice words, I don’t get to hear them a lot apart from family… It’s awesome to find somebody that can actually understand how you feel.
    Starting from Monday I will probably abuse your email, for this matter I wanted to apologize in advance 🙂
    Alright, now it’s time for me to get ready because I have to go to my grandparents. Have a nice weekend!

  4. Yes, I know exactly how it feels when somebody goes through the same things as you. As for apologizing, don’t even worry about it. haha. Thanks and you have a great weekend too.

  5. You know, I’m 31 and have stuttered my whole life…and it’s never even crossed my mind to advertise it.


  6. Nice blog and good thoughts. I’m Randy – 27 – and I stutter everyday. I wish I could say being a little your senior that things will change and get better. However that would be a lie. I will say that you appear to have an excellent attitude about your stutter and that will help. We all handle it differently and its good to see someone so positive.
    I don’t advertise that much but when I do it is usually a fairly good experience. I can say that when you do it doesn’t mean the person your talking to understands what is happening. They can still respond in a hurtful way. Also its good to note there are circumstances in which you cannot advertise. For example: At my job I take alot of calls and make alot of calls(bad job for a stutterer) and it would be impossible for me to “advertise” everytime. Thats not to diminish the effectiveness of the idea but just to say it isn’t always possible.

  7. Hey Randy, thanks for your thoughts! I couldn’t agree with you more. I don’t usually advertise right now by telling people I stutter right upfront, because ye, like you said, it doesn’t necessarily mean the people will understand…of course that’d be nice. With me, at first I thought that would be the solutions to people not understanding, but then by meeting all sorts of people, some are ok with it and some act awkward about it. I guess it’s just them. That’s good though you take a lot of calls, that can even be an advertisement itself!

    Thanks for writing!

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