Friday Night Lights

Up until I was close to nine years old, I lived in Kiev, Ukraine. Then I moved to beautiful San Diego, California. I lived there for nine years. For the past three weeks, I have been living in Frisco, one of the fastest growing cities in Texas. This is my senior year in high school and I though it was going to be a really easy year…until I found out I’m moving states. For me, this meant starting over, making new friends, trying to fit in, and other high school goodies. I am a person who is very positive and optimistic and it takes a lot to bring me down, so the way I see it, this is a new adventure for me. This move also meant how will I adjust my speech to these new surroundings.

Well, in the past three weeks that I’ve gone to school, six out of eight classes know that I stutter. I’ve spoken up in all of my classes at least once or twice, despite my severe stuttering at the current moment. For any kid, it is hard to fit in (especially senior year), and I guess no matter how much I try now, I just need to give it time for people to accept me, but it is important that right now I try to seem way out there so people notice. Tonight, I decided to go to the homecoming football game and just get a feel for it and see what the new stadium is like and etc. I haven’t been to a high school football game since I played freshmen football. Well tonight, I left early in the 3rd quarter, because I just felt like it. Tonight, I saw a lot people just hanging out together, like everyone knows each other well now. What I used to do in San Diego. Of course it is sad to be kind of by yourself and left out ( and that’s how I felt tonight), but you must keep on fighting and what happens today, ONLY happens today. Tomorrow is another day. For me, tonight motivated me to try harder at talking more in class, speaking up more, and just being me without thinking about it. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. No matter what comes at me. T-T-T-Thanks for reading.


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