Help Spread Stuttering Awareness!

So for anyone who has heard about a website called 43 Things, you will know what it is about. Basically, the truth is, a lot of people don’t know much about stuttering, and many think it is because you are mostly nervous, shy, blah blah… We need to educate people more about it, because I found from my experience that you will feel better around people and yourself if you “enlighten” them about stuttering. So join the group on 43 Things, and make it one of your goals!.


2 Responses

  1. Hey man
    U can’t imagine how happy I am to see your blog, i have always stuttered and denied it my entire life, to see someone like you make a blog really gave me a lot of support. I am with you and I really want other people to see this so we can all know HEY its ok if we stutter and it’s not just us.
    Thanx so much and believe it or not I made it to your site and many others will!!
    keep ur posts comin man i’m book markin this page

  2. Hey Haz! Thanks so much for visiting and finding my blog. I am really happy that someone found this. I’ll be trying to post something new everyday and tell your friends about it! Also, spreading awareness benefits both us and the people around us so I am really glad I know someone found out abot this blog! Keep on s-s-s-stuttering 🙂

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