My Experience at the ASHA Convention

8 I recently got to go to the ASHA convention for the first time, and I was an exhibitor too! The convention was in San Diego over a three day period, from November 18th to the 20th. San Diego is where I live so why not go if you can…especially for free. One of the people from the Friend’s Organization contacted me and asked if I wanted to volunteer at their booth and tell people what the organization is all about, kind of be like a spokesperson. You see I went to the Friends convention in 2004 in San Francisco, and it opened up so much to me that It put me on the path toward accepting myself as a person who stutters. So why not pay them back in return.I attended the convention for the two days and It was an experience! I got to meet alot of people including Jane Fraser, who leads the National Stuttering Foundation and I even was part of a presentation on giving one-day workshops. I got to talk to alot of Speech-Language Pathologists, including cute college girls who are graduate students and overall, this was just a good way to practice speech. I did have plenty of blocks but I was comfortable doing them and had alot of good moments. I hope to go again next year, this time to Miami


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